Fe & Amable | Fazenda Vassoural, Itu

Helllllllaaaaaaw. I'm back with a SUPER UBER HIPER BLOG POST (almost 100 frotos here? DAMN!). I'm hours in front of my macbook uploading lovely photos into my squarespace. And I can only tell you the same thing as ever, ma'am. I LOVE. I LOVE SO BAD - AS A SICK OF LOVE DOES - MY WORK. My magical hands, my 3rd eye and my smile on my face understand when I say it to myself out loud! I LOVE WHAT I DO.

Fer and Amable have already married, and today they share a beautiful apartment (YES, BOOTIFUL!) with their cats and lotta of art. They're the kinda of couple you'd be watching - sitting at the Ice Cream Parlour, drinking milkshake for hours - Imagining what goes on in each other's hearts.

I love my people, peeps. Hahahahahahaha

We put together a crazy team, which believes in the deconstruction of the cliché matchmaking business. WE WANT THE TRUTH. And from under an autumn rain, we hear each one read their funny vows, smiling like fools in love. This is what a vow renewal looks like! That's why I'm here, awake, looking, watching people living. Because they are wonderful creatures. And make me wish to never wake up from this dream.

Thank you,

for you who believe (and love much more than I do) in this sh!t.



All my love for Fe and Mab, and for all those guys below! The SQUAD is the most important thang. Gotcha!
The most fun/realist wedd. planner on the planet, Amanda (Aka :. AMOR.A) we're going to have a blast this year. A thank you to the lady behind these flowers and decor who has an excess of good taste, Cris (you have to take a look to VEM FESTA POR AÍ) and Julia Pak, who is the youngest and most talented stylist I know (the vibe of this girl is INCREDIBLE). Specchio's most loved heart shoes. A huge thank ya to the most beloved maids of COR & ALMA who understand of natural beauty (yes, makeup and hair is just a polish of who you are!) And to TULA CASQUETERIA that creates magical hair accessories. The most creamy brownies and that fab.  cheesecake of MARIA BAUNILHA / OLHA ISSO FOODBIKE. And y'all need to visit the dream venue of FAZENDA VASSOURAL one day, bright with the help of Vitor Augusto. THANKS THANKS THANKS. 


Oh, and of course, they rock out at what they do! MATRIMONIUM FILMS. With you.