Gabriela & Mateus | São Paulo, SP

I love my work. And that's all I have to say.
Since when I was just a dream in the minds of my parents, I was destined for art. Intended to create, to lead others to madness (literally, I'm that crazy guy!) And to make people love each other more through it.
I do not care about results. I care about the process!
The process has history, it has life. It's during the process that you find yourself.

Gabi let me be part of the whole process, she even set up a blog for her wedding - where she published the funniest things a client has ever published. She and Mateus decided to marry in their 10-year anniversary together. And that made the whole thing  more special.
We ran in the rain, got a taxi late for the ceremony, ate fries inside a container and took out some nonsense polaroids.
Here's the goal: weddings don't have to be weddings. They need to be a unique, fun and special process in duo. Don't mind if something goes out of control, goes wrong or doesn't work the way you want it to. Just feel the energy inside you, and go! Feel ya feelings, madam.

One thing I've learned from such special couples is that marriage is the celebration of the birth of a third person, made of two. A single person capable of describing two as well as individually. And that makes me happy.

They rock - like rockstars. 

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