Ana Paula & Alam

Oh hi, this is the 1st post of the year! And I'm already boiling to show ya what I've saved for 2017 (thank God -- I have the most insane couples in the universe). After spending a whole month watching miles and miles of roads through the window of my car, I finally was able to sit back, answer all my emails, watch my rented movies (dude, I feel very old writing this) and edit a good one stuff. 

We have two adventurers here, tonight. Three in fact (because I want to include myself in this list!). Must I say thousands of times that I love my couples and the feelings they carry with them? It's as sweet as honey. As tasty as lasagna. As fun as watching South Beach Tow.

I love (DAMN, HOW I LOVE) to do what I preach. CONNECTION, LOVE. IT'S ALL ABOUT CONNECTION. Two hands, two bodies full of blood and love. Two magical creatures that inhabit a more magical planet. I love my peeps.

Ana and Alam are people who transmit energy. The best positive energy. They listen, they do, they talk and have fun. And best of all, they're in love for a decade (and for an eternity). I think it's magical this thing about people crossin' my life all the time, and for some reason, they leave special marks. Little traces of pure love. And this isn't destiny. It's much more than that!

I can't explain it to you, guys - but this is phenomenal, this thing called CONNECTION. And honey, we shouldn't mess with it. No way.

Trees that dance with the summer breeze. Weird bugs hiding among old brick walls. Abandoned cars. And a warmer n' pompous sun.

Welcome 2017.  I'm happy you're here.