Fernanda & Rogério

Shoot two friends sharing love is a special thing. I didn't know how to start writing this, but I'm just not so good at words as with images.
It has some special and mysterious thing in the slumbering sands of the Middle of Nowhere. The stars across the sky, the sun crying fire, shrubs dancing in the wind, dust painting everything and everyone. 

Be there, living dreams together, is magical. It makes you want to never wake up of this. In a world where love is what prevails. 

Fernanda and Rogério have an organic love. Fun and depth. As a root of an oak, deep. And when we ran into the middle of sand, stones and thorns, I could feel it [love] with them - love mai work! 

So, you have people who you just look, and know that they are deeply in love forever. And I am. Oh yes Lord, I am. 

MU by Ju Joia || Floral Lace Dress A Modista.