Thaís & Adriano | Goiânia, GO

Travel. Discovery new places. Celebrate the love side of incredible people to. This is the job I asked for.
And finally it happened.

I admire people who have attitude. People who know what they want and don't change for anything.
Thaís and Adriano are people like that.

They found me in a Starbucks last year. On a cold and rainy night. We spent a few hours talking about some love and creative weddings. They had so much information that my head was already bubbling with crazy and warmer ideas.

They possessed a cosmic magical love. And young and beautiful. And I liked it.

Thaís met Adriano during a party after a car accident in a drive-thru. Hollywood Stuff, hum? Those cases in which love finds us in an unexpected and surprising way.

Sometimes it changes your life forever.

They danced with Major Tom. They stole their wedding rings from Stormtroppers. And they loved even more.

I told you, my clients are the best.


Thanks to my 2nd Gal Leticia Faria for shoot this cosmic love with me. And prove the most amazing strawberry ice-cream of the galaxy (Yeah, Maiden)