Lourdinha Noyama Lookbook

Dreams. Since I was a kid, someone told me that I would be high enough to keep my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground.
Daydreaming, and sleep with a bright smile on the face - set this day.

I had the honor of shooting the lookbook of Lourdinha Noyama (a haute couture atelier for rock n' roll maidens). A day with lots of pretty-dreamy pictures, lots of laughter, music and pizza. One day to create memories and moments together. As a team should be.

And thank you for having this team with me. 

Remember, never stop - keep dreaming. 




Haut Couture: Lourdinha Noyama || Flowers: Vanessa Oz || Beauty: Juliana Joia || Models: Amanda Lunardelli, Gabriela Kassis, Hanna Saboia, Nany Ferrari & Stephanie Miyazaki || Film: Matrimonium Films || Jewelry: Rosana Chinche.