Tati & Marcel | São Paulo, SP

Rock n' Roll has always been present in my life. Since I was a child, when I picked up a pen to rewind the Cassette tapes and play on the boom box. Or when I was looking at photos of tattooed people using so cool jackets. They were too much for me.
It wasn't long before I meet such people, and find that they are curious and fascinating love creatures. And I love working with such people. My kind of people. People who think like me, who acts like me, who's true and magic.

Tati met Marcel during a Rock n' Roll Concert. And since then, they share an incredible life between tattoos, cats and beer!
We take amazing photos in the middle of some alleys, after a storm in the concrete jungle - My favorite place in the world.

Fall in love by the people of the Rock, like I did.

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