Ingrid & Leandro | São Paulo, SP

Union. When two things come together. Elopement.
That was one of the best things I've ever done part in the last year. The Date.
Ingrid met Leandro through a social networking site where you literally adopts a guy. She decided to adopt Leandro for the rest of her life, and I confess that she followed her heart, leaving the north and come to the concrete jungle only to find an enchanted prince.
Leandro is quiet. But passionate. He loves Ingrid.
No need to say anything more, because I'm unable to say what photos and this video can say.

I just want to give my credit to the fucking awesome suppliers. The shiny golden dress by A MODISTA. The infallible Makeup of Sabrina Simões. And the most creative bouquet, made by the magic woman, Vanessa Oz.
You are "too much".

PRESS PLAY, 'cause Ding loves Lana. 

Wait, Wait. HERE'S THE INSANE VIDEO. By the amazing Rodrigo de Paula. He's the Boss, and we all know it.