Mira & Pedro | Barra do Sahy, SP

I like feelings. Feelings like the breeze blowing from the sea and making your clothes fly away. Feelings like that one when two hands get together, interlacing their fingers to end into a knot. Feelings like exploring new places, finding caves so deep that they probably would never have a bottom (maybe it get you to China!) in the middle of lost islands. Or the feeling of the cold water tickling your feet in the warmer and fluffy sand. I meet new people who live from these feelings all the time and then wish to have a life like this forever and ever. This is what aim about.

That feeling of "Oh man, I have no plans, so let's do it" ya know? 

Mira and Pedro are in love for a decade! They met during the college age and blablabla, had two bootiful children and now, they explore the seven seas together - the kinda of family we only see in movies! [follow their adventures here!]

They're a Safe Haven from each other.


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