Luana & Stefan | São Paulo, SP


There are peeps in the world that are just your kinda of peeps.

And ermahgerd, these two know how to make a wedding day happen - with family and so much happiness. Dope. 

I need to confess that during the shoot, I felt a monstrous desire to put Ozzy (Yes, this pug dude is called Ozzy - because Ozzy Osborn, you know?) in my bag and run away before anyone saw. But it was impossible to get away from so much love that these two humans being for one another.

They have traveled the world together, they have shared many rock concerts and today they have a beautiful and amazing family. 

I feel complete when I feel I've done more than clients, but friends.

By the way, union is the secret of all, honey. It's the secret of everything.

São Paulo, you know that you're my fav backdrop for the rest of my life. Okay?