Mariana & Felipe

I'm so lucky. I'm lucky to cross paths with people who make me feel good all the time. And make them feel true to themselves - all the time.
I believe in love. The kind of love that knocks on our door and dismantles our home, and stay. I believe in the kind of love that builds, that sets, that born. The love that makes you feel alive and full. And I'm loving right now.

I met Mari in a fancy party at a pub. She was dressed in elf and I, a cowboy. We talked a lot about ourselves and laughed until dawn start painting the sky. I never felt so welcome at a party like that. And well, it didn't take long for me to call her and her boyfriend, to snap some cute awesome photos. 

They love a strange love. A love of their own. A love given by nature. As a gift. Two heads that think and create. Two hearts that feel and love. Two people that become one, without ceasing to be who they are.
Love transforms without changing.
This is authentic.

It's all for you.